Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are the hottest thing in home improvement today! Get Your Custom Plantation Shutters from The Blinds Boss.

Nobody Installs Custom Plantation Shutters, Wooden Shutters, and Faux Wood Shutters for Your Home Like The Blinds Boss

In West Georgia and Metro Atlanta, one custom home improvement company has risen above the rest in the minds of local homeowners and business owners. That company is none other than The Blinds Boss. Sure, you can run down to the local DIY superstore and try to buy the plantation shutters, faux wood shutters, or wooden shutters you want. And you might even be able to get close to the appropriate size for your new shutters. But how long will they last? How expensive will they be? Will the total costs include installation? What if the shutters are just a bit off? Will the DIY Superstore come measure and resize your shutters to perfectly fit your unique window situation?

When you choose The Blinds Boss for your custom-built, custom-installed Plantation Shutters, Wood Shutters, and Faux Wood Shutters, you get the absolute highest quality of custom built shutters, and you get West Georgia and Metro Atlanta’s top shutter installation experts to perfectly install your new window coverings. For the absolute best results, and the highest return on ROI you can get from custom shutters, you just can’t go wrong with calling the fine folks from The Blinds Boss for a FREE on-site assessment of your home or business. Custom, quality products. Outstanding customer service. Lifetime limited warranties. Licensed and Insured. We stand behind our products, our service, and you!

Faux Wood Shutters

  • Offered in attractive, variable shades of white
  • Mixture of strength and stability
  • Louvers attain insulating assets
  • Offers a fresh appearance from the outside
  • Appearance and texture of authentic hardwood

Our custom-built, faux-wood shutters are the best of both worlds, offering the look of real wood, and the reliability of an enhanced, synthetic-blend material. The light control and energy efficiency disposition produces a relaxing atmosphere, all while keeping your home or business airy and bright. Every set of shutters you can get from The Blinds Boss are elegant, timelessly stylish, and will most certainly make an immaculate impact to your already well-constructed home or office building.

Wood Shutters

  • Authentic wood enhances the ambiance of your home
  • Endlessly increase the style of your windows
  • Split front tilt provides an orderly view
  • Assortment of frame and panel selections
  • Obtainable in painted whites and wood stains

If you want the real deal, only the real wood shutters from The Blinds Boss will provide your home or office with the setting and classic look of a plush, natural wood. Hardwood shutters are the ultimate window treatment, and will continuously provide a high-level style to your home’s interior. The essential design of wooden shutters offers an integrated expression that enhances to the value of your home, immediately.

If you’re ready to update the look and feel of your home or office building, no other local home improvement company gives you the attention to detail, high-quality product, custom options, and expert installation of The Blinds Boss. In West Georgia and Metro Atlanta, we are your top choice for Plantation Shutters, Wood Shutters, and Faux Wood Shutters. We guarantee your satisfaction! Call today to schedule the earliest possible FREE on-site assessment at your location, and at your convenience.