Faux Wood Shutters

  • Offered in attractive variable shades of white
  • Mixture of strength and stability
  • Louvers attain insulating assets
  • Offers a fresh appearance from the outside
  • Appearance and texture of authentic hardwood

Faux-wood shutters are the best of both worlds, offering the look of real wood, and the reliability of a factory-made material. In turn, the light control and energy efficient disposition produces a relaxing atmosphere. Shutters are elegant, will always remain stylish, and make an immaculate impact to a well made home.

Wood Shutters

  • Authentic wood enhances ambiance to interiors
  • Increase endless style to your windows
  • Split front tilt provides an orderly view
  • Assortment of frame and panel selections
  • Obtainable in painted whites and wood stains

Only real wood shutters provide the setting and classic look of a plush natural wood. Hardwood shutters are the ultimate window treatment, and continuously provides a high-level style to interiors. Their essential design offers an integrated expression that enhances to the value of your home.