Cellular Shades

Are you looking for minimal, easy-to-use, and cost-effective shades to cover your windows? Come see why Cellular Shades are one of the most popular window covering solutions! This unique cellular design strategically helps to trap air and insulate your home or business, making your space more energy-efficient. The design is minimal but classy. It’s subtle but enhancing. And there is a wide color palette of options to choose from to customize your space.

Cellular Shades are known for their insulation from the winter cold and summer heat, their simple design, and their overall versatility and affordability, but there are a number of other qualities that Cellular Shades have to consider as well. Along with color, you can adjust opacity depending on the fabrics you choose. And these kinds of shades don’t always flow from top of a window down. They can be customized to operate from the bottom of a window up if someone prefers to block light in that direction. There are even vertical options for sliding left and right to cover or uncover a window or door. Cellular shades do not have tilt vanes, however, so typically if you want a quick view outside the window or door, you can’t just get a tiny peek through one vane. Rather, you are forced to adjust the entire shade, but if that is not much of a concern for the space and purpose you intend to decorate your windows, cellular shades may be an excellent and modern choice.

Cellular Shades offer a sharp & crisp style, along with the energy efficiency you would expect from honeycomb shades, all at an affordable cost. You can choose from single, double, or triple cell shades, depending on the light protection necessities of your home or business. You could even try yours with remote control raising and lowering technology!

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